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Discover the latest collection of abstract paintings by artist Emma Butler & find unique art for sale. The pieces are perfect for corporate spaces or home as they bring a timeless beauty to any interior.

The abstract paintings are hand-painted by Emma in her Carlow studio.

Emma Butler is a contemporary artist, specialising in abstract art. Based in Carlow  Kilkenny with a background in interior design, art has always played an important part of Emma’s life.

“I love that each painting I create will mean something different to each viewer; the very nature of abstract art provides the freedom to transport you to a place where you create your own meaning.”

The colours and shapes of a piece evoke their own emotions, thoughts and feelings, which when combined with Emma’s love of Interior Design, create the perfect mood setting to transform any space room.

As well as producing art for her own creative needs, she is also commissioned to craft bespoke art which is custom made to the clients specification.

These unique art pieces are expertly and affectionately crafted to fill a specific area, either in addition to an interior design project, or to enhance a particular space.

Emma’s Interior Design career flourished at the same time as her artwork began picking up momentum. Emma created pieces specifically for her interior design clients, and there was so much extra interest in her art that she needed to create a dedicated studio area purely for her paintings and her creative process.

Emma takes great pleasure in not only creating the art, but seeing the reaction on her client’s faces when she reveals the paintings, brings her untold joy.

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