Overseas Client

I have been working with Emma Butler of White Meadow Interiors for several months now. In addition to providing terrific design advice, Emma has been providing tremendous assistance during the build of my new home in Ireland. Purchasing a new
home can be stressful. Doing it while living in another country is additionally so! However, Emma worked with and coordinated with the builder and the sales agent and made the process smooth. As a bit of a “control freak” myself and wanting to manage
my projects, it can be difficult to sit back and let someone else handle the reins. However, with Emma I was in good hands, kept well informed, and didn’t have to worry about the details – Emma handled it all efficiently, effectively, and somehow was always
very friendly and in a great mood! Emma’s design skills are second to none. Emma completely understood that I didn’t have a huge budget and worked within what I did have. The results which I’ve seen pictures and video of (I move in a few days yet) are spectacular. Small tweaks to the standard kitchen design result in a kitchen which fabulous doesn’t begin to describe.
Emma totally “got” my design tastes and preferences throughout the house. In addition to being friendly and in a constant good mood, Emma was also the consummate professional. If I didn’t like a piece of design, she encouraged me to say so. There was
never a hint of ego about her design work. The result – especially the kitchen and three bathrooms – exceeds my expectations in every way. Emma even went above and beyond at times – I’ll be arriving with very little, but Emma has ensured that a few
comforts will be waiting in my new home.
I have been very happy and fortunate to work with Emma Butler. I highly recommend her services and would gladly work with her again.


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